Gift Card Q&A

How to use

You can have unlimited access to all products. The card will be taken back till the balance reach zero.

You can use more than one gift cards on any order.

Gift Card can only be used in all UR stores in mainland China.

Gift Card is available for all products including specials.

Gift Card

How to purchase Gift Cards?


Q:Does the gift card still work if it still has balance left yet exceeded the expiry date?

A:The gift card is valid for three years from the date of Activation. A gift card that has a balance will not work if it exceeds the expiry date, but the cardholder may apply for activation again. After being activated, your gift card can be used again.

Q:Can I design my gift card?

Q:Is the gift card registered?

Q:Can I top up my gift card?

Q:What if I lost or damage the gift card? Can I apply for another one?

Q:Do I have an invoice for the gift card?

Q:Can I earn membership points when use a gift card?